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God’s Ultimate Purpose

Everything God has done, and is doing, and will do is towards this end: that in all things Christ would have

The Sin of Unbelief

When I am perfect in faith, I shall be perfect in everything else. I should always fulfill the precept if

“Workout Your Salvation”-The misconception

God is not Author of confusion. People are confused by their sinful desires and Peter is telling us here that

How Much Mountain Moving World Changing Faith Do you Need?

In this Audio, Jesus Himself tells us how much we need, based on examples and encounters He had in His

How to have Faith That Moves mountains-part 2

Why I think gays or transgenders, intersex born that way. And how all of us used to have gay or

How to have Faith That Moves mountains

The word "say(s)" is repeated three times in one little sentence to emphasize how important it is for us to

How to start Using Faith

The subject line has little or more to do with the rest of the text. However, I trust you’ll have