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A Toothpaste That Will Keep You Smiling!

I want to shout out to something I discovered two days ago. It falls under daily & necessary essentials in the household. That’s why we will write about toothpaste today.

Have you ever went out to buy your regular essential only to bump into a similar product that you never heard before yet it promises a different and better experience than your usual go to?


Well, that’s what happened to me at CVS two days ago. I ran out of toothpaste which led me to a local CVS. I haven’t been at a store in ages. I wrote them off a while back because of their ridiculous markup. Then quarantine happened and with little to no options of finding a toothpaste at 8p.m I found myself in it.

When I walked in a store, I went direct to the Oral Care Isle. I knew what I wanted. I also knew I will be distracted with all sorts of sells and discounts. But I went in armed ready to demolish every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of what I was after. What I didn’t know–I would meet Moon toothpaste.

The oral care isle had a plethora of toothpaste options. Big names like Colgate, Sensodyne, Crest, you know, the usual suspects, filled shelves with all sorts of options and promises to choose. Here and there, I’d snap a brand like Tom of Maine. I mean, the “good guys” buried in the ocean of Warren Buffet’s companies. Then, in the midst of all that noise, I saw a black tube with some bold white texts. I was drawn near it by curiosity all while I was cautious on touching touching stuff because of COVID19.

I read the front bold texts without taking off the shelf. The toothpaste brand is known as MOON with subtexts, “whitening activated charcoal toothpaste.” All caps. It went on promising fluoride-free and has a lunar peppermint flavor.

I honestly don’t know if floride or fluoride-free is good or bad for you. What I know was I wanted to know more about this toothpaste. The back had all details.

Moon toothpaste mentioned how safe it is for even a 2 year old. It is also PETA certified meaning no animal cruelty. But what I wanted to know the most was the ingredients. Here’s the list: Blend of green and black teas, ginseng, echinacea, camu camu, cranberry, Dead Sea salt, tea tree oil, coconut oil and peppermint. That’s it! I was sold on tea tree oil, coconut oil and Dead Sea salt.

I took it home with me. I couldn’t wait to brush my teeth. I tell you, I’ve never been that excited to brush my teeth but I had to eat first and watch TV a bit-right?

I eventually brushed my teeth with moon toothpaste for the first time and this is my experience:

  1. It is light in taste, light in foam and light in a sense of aggressiveness we see in most toothpaste brands. It doesn’t mean moon is light in function or bringing results. My impression is, it has no artificial chemicals that are normally aggressive in the mouth and not necessarily effective for the job.
  2. It is a real teeth whitener. The active charcoal in it goes to work right away. I saw a huge difference on my first use.
  3. It doesn’t leave you with that soapy-toothpaste debris once you done rinsing. Some brands takes forever to get out of your mouth not so with MOON. One or two rinses leaves your mouth fresh and clean and smooth. You’ll wake up the next morning still fresh.

I am not paid to write all this about Moon toothpaste. I am just sharing something I needed. It is essential. One way or the other you will be in a store looking for a toothpaste soon. Try Moon. Who knows, someone my noticed your fresh breath and impressive teeth.

Your Turn:
Let us know your experience. And don’t forget to Keep Smiling! 😁

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