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A Few of Favorite Articles I Enjoyed Lately

Good Wednesday Morning!

Here are a few of favorite articles from around the world wide web I’ve enjoyed recently…

Buyers Reveal Things They Wish They Knew as First Time Home Owners via Reddit
If you’re a first time home owner, owning a home may sound improbable given the current gig economy and undervaluation of labor by massive corporations and money-hungry CEOs. But should you, by some miracle, come into enough cash to purchase your very own humble abode, Reddit users have shared their home-owning dread stories so that perhaps you can avoid the same fate.

What’s a Subtle Red Flag to Look Out for When Buying a House? via Reddit
Buying a new home requires much more work than simply saving money and checking listings on Zillow. To purchase the perfect home, you need to conduct research, and one way to do so involves reading up housestess red flags in home buying.

TV And Movie Characters Who Can’t Afford Their Homes via Ranker
Sometimes, Hollywood does a bad job presenting realistic portrayals of working-class existence; for example, a slew of TV characters have expensive apartments and wardrobes they really can’t afford. These characters are hardly wealthy, and they’re not supported by rich parents. In most cases, they work lower-wage jobs, if they even work at all. Yet, somehow, they can afford palatial digs in the most expensive American cities.
****Don’t buy a house you can’t afford–period!

U.S. Presidents’ OTHER Houses via Ranker
Presidential second homes reflect the personal interests of the president who stays in them, as well as his family life, and the increasing access technology would allow.

Your Turn:
Have you come across anything yourself you’ve really liked?!

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