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First Time Home Buyers’ 10 Condos under $600k in Dorchester

Alright first time home buyers, you have been searching for a condo in Dorchester for a long time but you haven’t found one yet. To make your search even difficult, you have been quarantined for over a month. You can’t do much outside. Your first home buying plans are delayed. Then you hear in the news that real estate might crash. You wanna WAIT for prices to go down. Let me tell you, NOW is the best time to buy your first home.

Proverb 22:13, the slacker says, “there is a lion outside! I shall be killed in the streets!”
Proverbs 20:4, The sluggard does not plow after when winter sets in, therefore he shall beg in harvest, and have nothing.

Obviously you are not a slacker or a sluggard. You are just a first time home buyer. But these proverbs speak to people who are always waiting for the RIGHT TIME and RIGHT SIGN before they do anything significant. It could be you.

They are waiting for a new president to come into power, waiting for spring market, waiting for the economy to crash, waiting for the stock market to go down. Year after year, they are waiting. No difference from someone who says, “there is a fierce lion on streets and I am not going out.

Yes, Covid19 brought a lot of challenges for first-time-home-buyers nonetheless, there will always be challenges in life. It is a never ending life full of challenging choices. If you want to wait for the economy to crash or for the real estate market to go down, you may wait for a long time my dear. Wisdom is telling you the economy has already crashed-ok? It has been crashed since the beginning of the world. People are plowing, you are sleeping.

Dorchester Penthouse with 2 Floor Under $800k.
COVID-19 recessed the housing market. What happens next?

Now is the your best TIME to buy your first home. That is the driving force behind bringing to the forefront the list of ten condos with 2+ bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms under $600k so that even a first time home buyer can own a piece of Dorchester . I PDFed (if that is even an English word) for you so that you can Print, Pray and Pay. Some of them have virtual tours while others allow personal visits.

Your Turn:
What are you waiting for? Wear mask, social distance and wash your hands and go BUY your first home. Yours truly is here to help you all the way. ❤️

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