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5 Favorite Finds from Around the Web

Crazy love to you all, and in the meantime here are five jewels I found around the world wide web.

5. Can’t be a fool with your money. 100% via Twitter.
@Kyng_Kyren quizzes his 8 years old child on all things finance and entrepreneurship. Check out how this young mind answers some tough questions on:
– Real estate investing
– Two types of real estate
– What is commercial real estate
– What is residential real estate
– What is HOA and many other questions you didn’t have answers :)!

4. Need a beat? These islands cost less than many L.A. homes via L.A Times.
If you’re feeling cooped up during coronavirus restrictions, these private islands around the globe cost about the same, if not less, than a hefty number of Los Angeles homes. Don’t worry, they all come with houses.

3. Rich people doing chores for first time: ‘It’s been a complete shock’ via New York Post.
“If they let the housekeeper go home for the weekend, they could contract the virus and bring it back. So people who have live-in help are keeping them there. If staff do say, ‘Hey, we want to go back to our families,’ the answer is, ‘Fine, but you can’t come back until this is over.’

2. Can’t pay rent amid the coronavirus pandemic? Here’s what you can do via New York Post.
With nearly 200,000 tenants stopping rent payments nationally and demanding rent forgiveness given the coronavirus crisis, it is likely the biggest rent strike in American history.

1. Backyard hacks you can try this spring via Cape Cod Times.
“Even if you don’t have a pool: run a rope or wire between two poles, trees, or something similar; throw up a white sheet and set up a projector and sound system.” 🙈

Watch out for that Covid19 :).

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