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Our Top 5 Most Favorite Instagram Photos

Our Instagram page have come a long way. We have had shares of ups and downs yet, we have not given up. With no any particular order, here’s our top 5 most favorite instagram photos. We hope you will join us soon and like what we are visually sharing. Who knows, you may be the judge next time around. Till then, lets slide our top five now.

5. Mrs Simpson home search. Who doesn’t like a cartoon?

4. Flying over blue skies and white clouds is always refreshing. Nonetheless, whether you will get to the landing or caught up in the cloud with the Lord, you gotta believe there is the pilot God behind all universe’s ingenuity. Be thankful!

3. This smoothie was posted when I used to be a healthy-food-nut-case. Whatever the “case”, bright pink strawberries with plain yogurt are always a hit! Try it. You will not regret 😋.

2. This post received a whooping 58 comments 🤗. That’s-a-lot-for an amateur. The reason for its popularity was the post itself–read it. I promise the copy did not originate from yours truly. I’m catching up though. Give me a year’s worthy of horning my writing craft. Phew!

  1. The photo says it all.

BONUS: I like this a lot because I took the picture using my phone. What do you think? Do I have a chance of winning a photography contest?

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This ONE got 666 likes 🤔

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