Guard Your Heart with all diligence

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life, Proverbs 4:23.

It is always a great idea to revisit the Bible’s short sayings, namely the Proverbs for they are packed with wisdom and truth. I suggest you purpose it in your heart to read and meditate on one or two proverbs daily. It will change your life. They are easy for a quick read whether it is during coffee-break or on a train ride. It is a brilliant way to spend time digesting the Word of God even on the go.

Last night I stayed up late reading the Word. As I pondered what I read, Colossians 2:15 came to surface, “Having disarmed the rulers and the authorities, He made a show of them in public, having triumphed over them in it.” Then I started thinking about it. In the process, I remembered how Andrew Wommack explained it.

He said, “to make a public spectacle of them,” was a common practice by the Romans soldiers in those days to punish a criminal where they would strip him naked and make a show in public. People would line on both sides of a street to see that criminal being chopped down as the soldiers pass by with him completely naked.

It was a painful slow death to warn others not to become criminals. He said when the Apostle Paul wrote Colossians 2:15, he was trying to paint the same picture about the devil’s mortification. Andrew said the devil’s ears were chopped, his eyes were scourged, his fingers and toes were chopped, his teeth were pulled out. He concluded saying that the devil is like that today. He is disarmed. He can’t even carry any weapon or even run. When you think Satan like that then you will never be afraid of him ever again.

So all that led my memory back in the early 90s. I remembered something similar happened to one of the African country’s former leader. In those days we didn’t have Television in my house. I don’t remember if there was any Television station in my country at all but we had newspapers and radio stations.

A coup d’etat happened in that country and this leader was taken out of power. He, himself gained his power by military force ten years earlier. He brutally murdered his opponent and became a leader before his fate. That country had been in civil wars for years.

So when he was captured, we only heard the news on the radio and News Paper all while people in American and Europe saw it televised all over the world via BBC. That former dictator was publicly humiliated like what Andrew explained. I never heard or saw such a thing happen before that.

Thus, I found myself on youtube. I wanted to see if I can find what was televised back then. I just wanted to get a closer example of a real life example. Sure enough, I found a video online. I tell you, it was barbaric.

After I watched it for less than a minute, I couldn’t stand it. My spirit was provoked. It didn’t sit well not because of that man but I thought about our own Lord Jesus Christ. I also thought about many early Christians who were persecuted in brutal barbaric manner.

We are so blessed to live in such times as this. There are people who paid a big price for what we are enjoying today. The picture I had in my mind was now hard to get rid of. Even though I got an idea how satan was disarmed I regretted why I even bothered googling it. Seeing it affected me in a way other than my original intent.

Proverbs 4:23 commands us to guard (keep, watch over) our hearts with all diligent (vigilance, caution) for out of it flows (outspring, wellspring, the source, outgoing) the issues of life. I certainly was disobedience of this command.

Two major doorways to the heart are ears and eyes. Be careful what you watch and hear. Once those pictures get in they don’t just disappear. They will be stored somewhere in your mind for future reference. You don’t want them to be an enemy’s foothold. It is one thing to hear someone paint a picture. You will need to use a lot of your own imagination but it is another thing to see with your eyes.

I made a commitment to never take my curiosity that far again. I asked the Lord for the forgiveness for disobedience and help to get rid of what I saw. Guard your heart!

Guard your heart with all diligence. When we come to Christ you’ll get very sensitive. What His Spirit is doing in us is undeniable. But then don’t make His work hard by filling junk He is trying to clean out of you.




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