Life is a Gift; Have You Opened It?

“Behold, God is mighty, but despises no one;
He is mighty in strength of understanding, Job 36:5″

I was up this morning at 4:47 a.m. It was still dark outside when my flesh was not ready to let go of the bed. Foolishly, I pull up the blanket trying to fall asleep again.

It is not normal for me to be up that early. I usually sleep through 6 a.m. This was a rare case. I was completely awake that early. I should have got out of bed because that is not normal. There was a reason for it. The Lord woke me up that early for a purpose. Unfortunately, I chose bed over an intimate fellowship with the Lord.

What struck me the most this morning was the moment I opened my eyes, the first thought came in my mind was, “I am alive.” I don’t know why I got there. Maybe the book of Job I read a night before. Maybe things I had been thinking throughout the previous day. For whatever reason, the value of life was displayed in a way I haven’t seen before.

There were times I went days, weeks, even months without thinking about how everything is a gift (I’m not proud of it). Arrogantly, I lived and moved as though I am owed it or I have everything under control (not true). The truth is I am a needy creature, absolutely helpless and most of the time I don’t even know what to ask. But my Father knows what I need and gives to me anyway even when I didn’t ask or think. That is a blessing.

It is God’s goodness that I go and come home safe. It is His mercy that I am here when many are not. It is His kindness the fact I constantly receive His loving-kindness even when I didn’t ask or pray for them. Think about this for a moment; if the only way to receive what we need every moment of our lives was only possible by asking God then many people wouldn’t live long. Just asking for your next breath would have taken up the entire time of your existence, you haven’t yet asked for food and clothing if you will even be around to eat and dress because you forgot to ask for another breath. Do you understand where I am taking this?

Life and everything come with it is a gift. We should always remember this. Nothing is ours. We are all receiving from our creator moment by moment gifts we do not even think of them. They are in a sort of an automation mode making us forgetting the very things we take for granted are not given to everyone.

Job 36:5a reminds us, God despises no one. He loves all people even those who do not love Him back. He gives to all people what heaven has to offer even the arrogant and proud in their own sight. He sends rain to the just and unjust. His mercy is new every morning to all people. He is so faithful He cannot deny Himself.

The point of all this is; I don’t want to waste my days in vain things. Many things in the world desire to pull my attention away from the truth. The world wants me to forget why I am here. The world wants me to focus on temporal things which are passing away with the use. Satan, using the world system, works tirelessly to steer my attention away from God. We ought to seek God with all diligence. Do you think Satan wants us to pray? do you think he wants you to read the word of God so that you may understand and have your ears opened and get healed? Do you know how much he rejoiced when I went on sleeping instead of getting up?

We need to work tirelessly also resisting the devil. It is God’s gift to wake me up early to commune with Him. When we draw near to God, He draws near to us. He teaches us wisdom. Wisdom is simply knowing what to do when to do it. I should have gotten off the bed the moment I was awoke but I didn’t because I lacked wisdom. We don’t want to be the shoulda coulda woulda people rather we should know the will of God in everything while it is still daytime.



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