How to have Faith That Moves mountains-part 2

This is part two of “Faith that Speaks” which we discussed on a previous episode.

You have to speak those things you desire in life. That’s what’s faith. In this Audio, we are discussing the Formula. Hebrews 11:1 tells us “faith is a substance…”

Water is a substance, air is substance and both have a formula that makes them. Faith is the same thing.  Belief in a heart + Confession with a mouth = Faith. Therefore, anything you say with your mouth comes out from the abundance of your heart. It means you believed first and that’s why you said it (Psalm 116:10). And whether you knew (with your senses) that you believed or didn’t believe those things you said, the proof is in the pudding–saying confirmed beliefs. It’s a bit complicated but that’s what the Bible says.

We will also look into what I think about controversial issues of life. Why I think gays, transgenders, or intersex born that way and how all of us used to have gay or transgender characteristics in us only it never manifested.

I finished with how we clean up the messy inside of us.

In our next episode, we will dig deep in Faith itself. Why some people have stronger faith than others. Why we differ in faith levels if we indeed share One Christ? That will be tomorrow.

Be blessed.

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