God Delights to Prosper You!


When you ask, “God, will You prosper me,” He says, “My pleasure.”

One of the things I’m passionate about is seeing God bless His people in every area of their lives. I pray for God’s abundant blessing on you.

Recently, I have been drawn again to Psalm 35:27 which says,”…let the Lord be magnified which has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.” In this verse, the word “prosperity” comes from a Hebrew word  “shalom.” Shalom is translated as “peace.” Peace is actually the sum of shalom, the result of it. “Shalom” means “completeness; safety and soundness; welfare, health, and prosperity; peace, quietness, tranquility and contentment; peace in friendship and relationship, with God and man.” All these are words used to translate “shalom,” though the word is translated as “peace” the overwhelming majority of the time. Peace is the sum of shalom, a life that is complete in God’s blessing—we have peace because God has favored us with His peace and all that is contained in the definition of that word.

God wants us aware that He delights in our well-being, our prosperity—it pleases Him when we “prosper” and are in shalom. It delights Him to facilitate our prosperity!

This God is the One we are to magnify. In our world on a daily basis, and sometimes among the people we are around daily–poverty and lack, war, and anything but peace, seem to be magnified. Everything but shalom seems to be magnified and the result is we don’t live in peace. Yet God tells us that we are to magnify Him Who gets His pleasure in prospering us.


There is prosperity in this season. God is not in any state of lack. There is abundance for His people, both to meet our needs and to give to others who have needs (2 Corinthians 9:10). The earth is full of the riches, goodness, and mercy of the Lord (Ps. 104:24; 33:5;119:64). I’ve heard someone say it this way–“wealth never goes away—it just changes locations.” If we allow the Lord to be our Shepard He will lead us into “green pastures and beside still waters”, and for a sheep that is a very wealthy place. I like to think of it this way–God wants to build a globe of shalom around His people … 🙂

I pray for you and ask God to make Psalm 35:27 a reality in your lives. I pray that the Lord would dispatch angels into your lives and families to bring this to reality. While I was praying the Holy Spirit reminded me of Psalm 103:20 which says that God’s angels wait to hear His Word and then carry out His plans. When we think of Psalm 103:20 in the context of this article, God’s angels are waiting on us to hear and receive His words so they can begin to work and orchestrate circumstances in our lives to bring that about.

Jeremiah 29:11 plainly says that God is thinking thoughts of peace to us. When we take the time to stop, wait, listen, and get in sync with God’s thoughts we will catch His peace that He is projecting our way—we will catch the prosperity he is sending out to us.

You are such a blessing to the world around you. God’s creative purpose and destiny for you is to bless you and then use you to bless those He has placed in your life. God is in favor of our businesses. It is in God’s interest to lead those into success who are patterning their lives after His principles. Psalm 35:27 says that the Lord takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants, and it only makes sense that He does because we were created to fulfill His purpose on the earth. God has favor in store for those who are after His heart and His ways.

When you ask, “God, will You prosper me,” He says, “My pleasure.” in Jesus name.

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