We are God’s Stocks

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21).

Let me ask you a question?

Let’s say you’ve invested your money in stocks–right. Like, you bought 100 stocks for $5,000. Wouldn’t you keep an eye on it to see its movement? Wouldn’t you want to see your stocks grow, and bring forth fruits?

I would. And I would be glued to Wall Street’s news every second.

God invested in us. We are the most expensive investment He has ever made. He purchased the world to Himself by the precious blood of His Son. Of course, He is monitoring His investments. He not only wants to see the growth of His body but also the fruits produced by those who are His. So, when He sees His children sidetracked, instead of dumping them to their destructions, He intervenes directly or indirectly.

I am writing this not only because I’ve read stories in the Bible but also I’ve seen Him split Red Seas in my own life.

I’m talking about someone giving me a free car in the most unexpected way right when I needed the most. I am talking about comforting me in some of the most difficult times in my life. I have experienced Him directing me where to go, when and who to meet in a smooth fashion. He elevated me to the top in a male-dominated industry despite my eloquence in speech. The list is long nonetheless I am amazed every day.

I know He is so interested in me the same in you because He kept doing great things in my life even when I was dead in trespasses. Nothing is coincident. He is keeping His eyes on me even those days when I was down to the pit. Now that I am in Christ, I realized He loves me unconditional. You can’t find love like that anywhere in this world.

When I think of His multitudes of kindness, it brings me to tears; not of sadness but of joy. I am thinking of His mercy, goodness, and patience throughout my life. I could have perished in my afflictions. But He kept watching over His stock. He kept moving her to the right direction and here I am today.

My motivation to you is; on this Fourth of July 2017–give Him a try. You’ll not be disappointed. And Yes, Wall Street if OFF but your God is ON.

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